Credit photo: Ian Schneider

Credit photo: Ian Schneider



A passion, even few ones to be honest. It started with a passion for our beautiful planet. Then to make high quality body care products, easy to use, accessible to everyone. Good for our Health, good for our Planet. No compromises. Let’s shake all those things for couple of years, and here we are, the first baby steps of the brand launched in 2018.

Our body absorbs what we put onto it. Everything. It’s as much important as the food we’re eating. Our planet’s health is at stake because of Human’s actions. It’s time to act. That’s what I do every day from the daily office work, the way I choose the ingredients, to the way I ship your orders.

Is what you shop reflect what you believe in? I offer you to make it right.

Together, let’s be the change.

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Sustainability is a second nature, and a bit of a family heritage. I’ve been involved in eco-friendly movements for years, in Europe first, and in Australia since 2 years.

Back then, I couldn’t find the right body care products that was matching my criteria: affordable, organic, high quality, and plastic free. So I started to make my own.

My first love story with Australia was 11 years ago, during a one year travel. Straya stayed in my mind since then, I knew I’ll be back. And I ‘m back!

I strongly believe in organic, waste free body care for EVERY/all BODY/ies. Accessible, affordable for everyone.

Lydia, maker & founder - Free Soins Du Corps Body Care