Free. Soins Du Corps - Body Care

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free? YES, FREE from all nasties!

a perfect match between natural, fair-trade sources ingredients, and zero waste lifestyle.



Our body absorbs what we put onto it. Everything. It’s as much important as the food we’re eating. Our planet’s health is at stake because of human’s behavior. It’s time to act, and that’s what we do every day from our daily office work, the way we choose our ingredients, to the way we ship our products. Together, let’s be the change.


zero waste body care that really cares

Ingredients are 100% natural, mostly organic and vegan. You know exactly what you put on your skin. We choose each ingredient carefully, from sustainable and fair-trade sources. No chemicals, no plastic, cruelty-free, no waste, and nothing is left behind to nourish and protect our skin, and our planet.


Return & save

Return & Save is a service which helps to reduce waste. Return your jar/bottle and order a new body treat at a reduced price, easy! Great news: shipping is on us!


We ship your order completely plastic free, and the delivery is carbon neutral.

It feels good right?